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About Me

My background

 After decades of professional engineering experience in the electrical industry I decided to take a change of career direction.  I had always had a great interest in writing and wanted to pursue that personal ambition.  But I had a similar interest in science which my engineering background had not satisfied.

 I started writing fictionised stories, novels and poetry which had a certain scientific content but were primarily literary in aspiration. The more I learned of the wonders of modern science the more my curiosity was whetted.

I went back to basics in both science and philosophy following the historical developments of both. I pursued the understanding of the mathematics that underpinned the major developments in science. I became frustrated at the many turgid cul de sacs of modern philosophical thought. The incredible difficulty of understanding quantum theory was a challenge that has taken all my energies and even now I cannot claim much success. Then there came superstring theory....

My aim in all this striving to understand 'the laws of the universe' is to apply it to philosophy and literature. By creating literary expositions I hope that the understanding gained can be made available to a wider audience.

On another level I hope someday to be able to synthesise a philosophy of science that rather than treating science and its practice as an object of critical study becomes the major realm of philosophy itself.

My writing roots

I am an Irish writer and therefore it comes as no great surprise that the greatest influences are the major figures of James Joyce and W. B. Yeats.

In my writing I try to catch that free flow of feeling and inner sense that bring words crashing forth like a wave onto the beach. I detest the formulaic habits of schooled modern authors who see the marketplace rather than the fulfilling of inner aesthetic needs as the driving force of their work.

My style

Plots and artificial structure are not part of my writing style. The narrative is like a wave in quantum mechanics.  It travels in the continuous determined fashion in the here and now but has always the potential to collapse in a random manner. These random events are the only story just as in real life. I never know where my narrative goes. There are no stories in real life just sequences of events - we post fact attribute the correlations.

The important thing for me as a writer is to remain true to my intent. I see writing as a great art form in the human armoury - very suited to melding the opaque worlds of philosophy and modern science.